Development and production of vending / automatic selling machines

We execute the development of vending / automatic selling machines by order of any complexity. We support a full cycle from idea to a serial sample at all stages:

  • design development;
  • design of cases;
  • design of mechanisms or receiving systems;
  • design of refrigerating system;
  • design of heating system;
  • electronics development;
  • development of the software and design of the interface.

We will consider any offer of cooperation in this sphere.

Presently we developed the following machines:

The terminal with delivery of goods. Terminal should execute as the payment of accounts so as to give out advertising samplers. In the machine the unique mechanism of goods delivery is installed. There is a cooling system allowing maintaining the temperature in the camera from 6 to 12 degrees. Idea of the machine and Customer – Design of the view –

You can order the machine and find more details about this business on the site

    Snack vending mini machine by single goods output. Floor-mounted version and wall-mounted version. You can order this machine in our company, specify the price.

      The concept of the machine with hot meals, at the moment in a stage of adjustment and development of test sample.

        Automats for sale of pies / cakes / flowers, etc. drum type.