Development of equipment and automated systems

We execute the development of equipment, design of cars and mechanisms, automated systems, etc., beginning from specification, idea or sketches and up to package of technical documentation, ready for delivering:

  • drawings (detail, assembly, cutting charts);
  • specifications and list of materials;
  • list of purchased products and data of accessories suppliers;
  • specifications and maintenance instructions.

Some of the executed projects:

The piler for fabricating works. According to 3D sketch of the Customer all assemblies are worked and full design documentation for production is issued.

Conveyor system for removal of metal junks for automobile plant in Russia. Consists of three conveyors (one mobile) and the equipment for throwing of waste. Design documentation of mechanical part with more than 600 drawings of different formats.

Support of production of new tractors on the basis of T150 and K700. Development of design documentation, production optimization, development of new design and design for tractors.Modernization of tractor Massey Ferguson external view.

Mixer for chemical company in USA. According to the developed sketches of the customer the 3D model and design documentation by ANSI standards for production are executed

Industrial washing machine. New design according to User Requirement Specification. Modification of design and design of the existing sample.

Station of putting mastic for automobile plant in Russia. The mechanical part of the project according to User Requirement Specification.

Reverse engineering. Reconstruction of 3D model and design documentation, and also manufacturing techniques from ready prototype.

A series of the developed vending/ automatic selling machines and the concept are developed from scratch according to User Requirement Specification in more detail…

…and many other projects…